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Our Vision: 

Art is expression, communication, exploration. It is a plunge into creativity. It can please us or upset us. Art educates us and challenges us. It can reflect or influence our reality. "Art is life…life is art”


Accessibility: Viva Vida is a working gallery. Its mandate is to communicate, educate and create, always involving the public. It is a people’s gallery

Community: We strive to connect to community, on the local, national and international level.

Collaboration: We collaborate with a network of community partners in art, education, and business.

Education: We maintain a high standard of education in all areas of Gallery life: art, culture and leisure programs, exhibitions and acquisitions.

Credibility: Trustworthiness and dependability are key components of fostering relationships.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in all that we do.

Viva Vida Gallery, VeShop


Nedia El Khouri

Owner of Viva Vida Art Gallery

Nedia El Khouri is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University), and has owned and operated Viva Vida Art Gallery since 2009. She has curated a number of contemporary art exhibitions, and is the creative force behind Viva Vida’s many educational programs.

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